Complex Trauma and Dissociation Therapists Case Consultation Groups



Psychotherapist Complex Trauma Case Consultation Groups

Dr. Lichti has over 30 years of extensive training and experience in trauma recovery, including a Post Doc in Psychological Trauma, EMDR, CBT, hypnosis, attachment based and relationship oriented psychotherapy.  She has been helpful to a diverse set of clients with a variety of issues including complex trauma, DID, dissociation, family conflict, depression and anxiety.

Monthly case consultation groups in Frederick, MD for trauma therapists:   a safe and supportive setting to get help with difficult cases, including complex trauma, dissociation, DID and treatment resistant clients.  The value and importance of getting consultation and feedback when working with complex trauma and dissociation has been well documented.  Clients who have been severely traumatized and violated bring demands to the therapist for different sets of skills and knowledge.  Inter-relational trauma enters the therapist-client relationship in diverse and often unanticipated ways.  Consultation provided in a safe and nonjudgmental environment provides for expansion of knowledge base and diminishes secondary trauma.

Group Meeting Days and Times:

2nd Friday of each month:  1:00-3:00 pm.  (Currently has 1-2 openings).

2nd Tuesday of each month:  12:15-1:45 pm.  (Currently forming)

Two-hour group sessions meeting once a month.  6 month initial commitment.

Fees:  after an initial group visit ($50), $300 for 6 months in advance by cash, check or credit card.

It is hoped you will attend all six months or longer to receive maximum benefit and to establish continuity and group cohesion, as your fellow members will come to rely on your feedback at each meeting.  This is not a drop in or peer consultation group.  You may attend an initial meeting for a fee of $50 to experience the rich and supportive feedback of colleagues working with complex trauma and dissociation.  Given the unpredictability of life events, one missed group every 6 months will be excused if circumstances warrant.  Ordinarily there is no reduction in fees for missed sessions.

CEUs are available if 3-6 psychologists are in attendance.

Please email or call 301-401-2813 with your name, contact information, and a little bit about yourself and Dr. Lou will contact you about group membership.

Individual case consultation also available for psychotherapists working with clients with complex trauma and dissociation.